Recent Laws Passed In Kentucky

Recent Laws Passed In Kentucky


There are many new recent laws passed in Kentucky during the General Assembly’s 2015 session. Over 800 bills were filed for review during this past 60-day session. Many were sent back and forth between the House and Senate for revisal. Here is a brief rundown of the recent laws passed in Kentucky based on facts from


New Bills Must Be Signed By The Governor

The session ended on April 15th and many of the Senate and House bills have been sent to the Governor for signing into law. Most new laws will not go into effect for 90 days. By July 15th they should all be in effect. Some laws will go into effect immediately upon the Governor’s signature if they are passed from legislation with an emergency clause. Some bills also have specific effective dates.

Recent Laws Passed in Kentucky in 2015

The first law passed in 2015 was House Bill (HB) 298. This bill will make possible a new medical research center at the University of Kentucky to target diseases that affect many Kentuckians. The list includes: cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Because of an emergency clause written in the bill, it went into effect immediately.

Other laws signed by the governor included a telephone deregulation measure and a bill that allows Kentuckians to use a new health directive to specify their end-of-life-care.

Session Closed With Senate Bill (SB) 192

The General Assembly’s 2015 session ended with SB192 approved by lawmakers. This bill tackles the problem of Heroin in Kentucky. The bill, which contained an emergency clause, was signed into law that morning. This new law raises the penalty for trafficking and selling heroin. It also was written to help addicts by allowing free needle exchange and better treatment available.

Bills Waiting To Be Signed

There are over 60 new bills and measures waiting to be signed into law. These include many measures to keep Kentuckians safe like: HB315 on child booster seats, SB133 which will expand the use of ignition interlocks for those convicted of DUI and a dating violence bill, HB8. Other topics for law include: bullying, cannabis oil use in certain medical conditions, electronic cigarette use in those under 18, concealed weapons, consumer protection and security. There will be bills passed in many areas of health, schools and childcare. Legislators also agreed on the budget for the next two years and a number or retirement systems changes that include HB62 and HB47.

For a full list of bills waiting for signature, you can visit If you have questions about recent laws passed in Kentucky or other legal matters, call Van Bever Law Firm.

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